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oh my goodness. I'm not going to edit this further. Not ANYMORE. My brain alskdawldkjwand.
Anyway, first REAL attempt on writing a er... "fairy tale" + ...r-ro...romance D:

Ignore the 2nd half of the story LOL [even though that's the important part |D]
I rushed doing this... kind of.

Sorry. orz


Once He Touches The Glass

“He heals anyone whom he touches”

A little boy grew up in a small orphanage in a faraway town. He was very much loved by his fellow orphans, but the grown ups thought that he was someone special—someone you could use, manipulate, and abuse.

His name was Lux, a boy with striking golden eyes, dark brown hair, and ivory white skin that glowed healthily under the sun. However, he was blind on his right eye and he realized that the more he interacted with people, the more his condition worsens. Yes, all along he just thought that he only had a disease.

“Look! He’s under that tree. Call him here to heal our daughter.”

Lux could heal anyone he touches but in return he gets weaker and weaker as if he gave his life to another in order to heal them. People believed he was a God-sent gift to them in return for their undying faith and his mere purpose for living is to cure them. On the contrary, Lux was happy that he could be of help to those people around him—happy to know he’s needed and of use.

A man living in front of the big tree approached Lux and asked, “Little one, would you like to stay for a little while at my house?” while Lux looked up on who it was. “It’s hot here and you might want to drink or eat something.” he continued, and Lux didn’t hesitate to follow.

He has that the same look like the others when they approach me.’ Lux thought while following the man.

The man had a family consisting of his wife and daughter. Their house is plain but they lived a simple and normal life except that their daughter is sick of a disease for a long time already. It doesn’t show that much since she could still stand and talk normally but she’s sickly pale. The mother gave Lux a meal and they introduced themselves one by one.

"Nice to meet you, Lux!" The little girl beamed a smile and held out her hand. Lux didn't hesitate and shook the girl's hand. The touch was just momentarily but it felt sickening and slow. Lux eyes glazed as he felt his left arm aching. He felt pain and happiness of meeting a new friend.

It was at dusk when Lux returned to the orphanage. Feeling a great pain on his left arm, he immediately went to sleep to prepare for the next morning.

Years passed by and same things still happened—same abuses, same pain, and same sufferings. He grew weaker and he concluded that he might only have a few years or maybe months left. And, unfortunately, the grown ups disregarded this fact and left him suffering all alone.

Lux decided that he should grab a food on a store nearby when a fellow orphan approached him at the gate, “Hey, Lux! I heard that there’s a festival at the town square! It’d be nice if you will go there, you know?”

“I don’t know…” Lux bowed his head, “I’ve never interacted with lots of people before.” he admitted shyly.

“Aww, don’t worry!” the orphan reassured, “everyone from the orphanage will be there.”

“I… I’ll try.” Lux half-smiled.

“Be sure that you’ll go!” and the orphan ran out of sight.

Lux continued his way down to the town’s nearest store when he felt his world spinning.

I am an angel sent by God. My mission is to protect, guard, and watch over a man named Lux, who possessed the gift of healing. He’s supposed to live a happy life, he’s supposed to live a normal life but everyone around him abused him. Everyone around him think of him as a thing. It might not make my fellow angels happy of my decision, but I decided to watch over him. Even until his last breath.

My name is Miraria and I decided to be with him forever.

An orphan approached him inviting him to the festival at the town square. He’s now weaker than before, he couldn’t even walk straight anymore. His life is now dependent on the stick he holds firmly to be able to walk. Right after they talked, Lux continued his way to buy his food at the nearest store but I noticed the way his eyes dilated and the way he staggered. LUX! I thought and transformed into a human.

I helped him stand as he panted for air. He’s tired. “Are you alright?” I asked pretending as if I don’t know him. He looked up, his golden orbs staring right at me. “Yes,” he replied trying to stand on his own, “thank you very much.” he smiled.

“You’re very welcome!” I told him as we sat on the nearest bench. I ran off to the store, which is quite near already, and gave him the food.

Days and months passed by and I never left his side. He continued unknowingly healing the townspeople until he couldn’t talk and walk anymore. He’s bedridden, only his right arm could move, he can only hear me, and only his left eye could see. It’s painful.

On the other side, my powers are draining. I grew weaker as well. Even with my fellow angel’s advice to return to heaven, I ignored them and stayed at Lux’s side. It is a promise that I will never break.

‘Thank you, Miraria. I will always be truly grateful.’

The head of the town learned about the weakened state that Lux was in. And even with my protests, they locked him in a glass cage in the middle of the town. He was once again all alone and ignored. I visit him always, pressing the glass as hard as I could, thinking that it would lessen the feeling of loneliness that’s flowing through Lux.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t be by your side.”

I am dying and so is Lux. Maybe, our fate was to die separately, to die alone, or even to die in depression. Why couldn’t I be by your side?


It’s the last day I’ll be here on earth and I’ll disappear. Death. It’s a term which is ironic for an angel, but I’m on my mortal state. I’ll die. I approached the glass cage, pressing both my hands.

“…How are you today, Lux…?” I whispered as he slowly stared at me. It reminded me of our first encounter. However, his eyes are glazed and clouded as he tried his best with his right arm to approach me. My eyes watered with his effort. What is he trying to do? Is this an act of desperation?

‘I want to be near Miraria.’

I approached Miraria’s form with desperation. She’s dying and I don’t know why. Why did it come to this? She’s the one who’s truly important to me and she’s going to disappear. I want to be near her, close to her, and feel her. I want her kindness and affection. Her love. Why is this glass separating us?

As I went near the glass, I tried to kneel in front of it. In front of Miraria. Could you hear me? I want to talk to you. I slowly raised my aching right arm. I slowly touched the glass.

“God… please save her.”

I could hear the glass shattering and shouts. Is that Miraria’s form? Are those wings? I couldn’t see. Everything’s darkening. I am falling as the dark continues to engulf me. Am I dying? Maybe I am.

Suddenly, a voice whispered to me:

“…Thank you.”

I wonder who it was…


That's the end!
Reactions? LOL

More information:
Lux means LIGHT in Latin
Miraria means MIRACLE in Basque

I tried "Heal" and "Touch" with other languages too, but I can't find a nice name pfffft

credit to my friend Les[er... lavy23 in twitter] for the title. Supposed to be titled "Shards" XDD
and the song: Ashita e Kaeru hi Made for the inspiration

Thanks for reading!

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