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It would be nice if both sides read this all.
These are all my comments to posts in the internet. This is me trying to lessen the damage to both sides. And opening up the mind of both fandoms.


Hello KAT-TUN fans.
I'm a fan of both Vocaloid and KAT-TUN, so I rather know what it feels to be stuck in the middle, be hurt by the other's words, and be mad with the other's words. XD;

I truly agree on what you say regarding the
"The intro is similar but it's not that similar."
Since, in KAT-TUN fan's point of view. The song will be quite coincidental in a sense because there are quite a number of songs who are similar with each other.
But what you are truly implying is about how "The intro is similar but it's not the same." The same, pointing to the whole song.
Narrowing down the problem, the MAIN problem here would be the INTRO.

In the Vocaloid fan's point of view, they're particularly in rage of the INTRO and NOT the whole song. As of now, you might've heard that it's quite similar, right?

this is a mashup version:
- right would be DYE, and left is NEVER x OVER. Headphone/earphone recommended.

But bad-mouthing the other fandom wouldn't help KAT-TUN's situation at this moment.
As of now, childish reaction of the Vocaloid fans would be hating KAT-TUN not the particular music producer who plagiarized this. I believe it would be much better for the KAT-TUN fans to stay quiet.
And why is that?
AVtechNO released his work last February 2010 and I believe KAT-TUN just released it this November. With all due respect, the fault is clearly pointing to KAT-TUN at this moment. KAT-TUN is in on a disadvantage in this one. Also, Vocaloid fans also knew about JE and all about it unlike KAT-TUN fans who might not know Vocaloid.
With this, they're in an advantage.

But people in the Vocaloid fandom at the moment are establishing a mind-opening discussion/blogpost/etc for both the reaction of both fandom. Meaning, Vocaloid fans are now finding their fault and currently trying to lessen the damage dealt to both sides.

Please do note that AVtechNO didn't file any plagiarism to this matter. The matter only flashed due to the reaction of the fans[may it be a Vocaloid fan who know KAT-TUN songs or a KAT-TUN fan who stumbled on the Vocaloid song] who find the similarity quite cunning.
I believe that even AVtechNO knew about the "similar but not the same" thing, since he haven't even complained like "KAT-TUN's composer copied my music!" Rather, he was only quite surprised with the similarity

And please do sympathize the producer AVtechNO. As of now, he's going on a hiatus due to stress. He deleted his works and other things just the other day. [NOTE: It is NOT because of the plagiarism news.] And caused quite an impact to the Vocaloid fans.

In a sense, it's quite the same how KAT-TUN fans are still sad for Akanishi's departure. ^_^ Both sides of the fandom have similarities too, so please respect each other.

Please do note that an indifferent reaction to this matter might make this situation worst.
1. This is not about who's version is better. At this point onward, the problem is WHO did it FIRST. The situation as of now isn't looking for a better version of the song but who did it first.
2. Given that this is quite unfair since most advantages is at the side of Vocaloid even though in a professional's point of view they would be in a disadvantage, I already told the Vocaloid side that their mentality is childish. They should not blame the singers but instead the one WHO PLAGIARIZED the intro.
NOTE: It is clearly NOT about the lyrics, but about the SONG. And especially, since the lyrics of this song is special to the fans too right?

well, I think I've covered almost all that I want to say.

P.S. regarding the "not real music." I just have one thing to say
since when is music NOT real?

Thank you very much for this. ;_;
I really appreciate your mind-opening comment ;w;
I'm a fan of both KAT-TUN and Vocaloid, so I'm quite stuck in the middle. And I also quite know what would be the reaction of both.

But I think, some comments here are quite unfair.

I'm sick of all the "KAT-TUN is at fault" "KAT-TUN obviously plagiarized it" and KAT-TUN this and KAT-TUN that.
But are they really?
It's not like they're the ones who arranged and whatnot to the song.

Excuse me if I'm going to hurt anybody for this.
But if ONE person did plagiarized AVtechNO's song, would the OTHERS[composers] know? It's not like everyone knows Vocaloid, unlike Vocaloid fans who MIGHT know things from others. It's obviously a disadvantage for the ones in KAT-TUN, right? ;;
Of course, these "others" who are not aware that it's plagiarized, would think that it's original and continue what they're doing. It's not COMPLETELY their fault.
The one who you should be blaming at should be the one who plagiarized AND NO ONE else.

I am srsly feeling sorry for the members who got dragged into this. Plus, they didn't know anything. :/

Once again, thank you annneonet for this comment ;w;

I'm sorry if I'll be opposing some of the things ;; This would be my reaction as a fan of both KAT-TUN and Vocaloid. Other things you've said that I haven't replied to means I agree to those and find it VERY WRONG too to the KAT-TUN's side of things.

1. Kat-tun is not at fault. Of course they aren't. They just sang the song they were told to sing. But that doesn't mean they can be let off singing a song that might not be rightfully theirs.
- But isn't it? It's not like they're aware that it's plagiarized in the first place. The one who should be blamed should be the ONE who plagiarized. No one else.

All in all, without biased and all[I think so], I agree to 2 to 6 XD; That's a very wrong and childish mentality for a KAT-TUN fan. In fact, I think the KAT-TUN side would be in a lot more trouble.


However, I would appreciate it if Vocaloid fans would not drag particularly the LYRICS of the song into the trouble.
Remember: We're talking about the beats and whatnot of the song. NOT the lyrics of the song.
It is from all the members of KAT-TUN and it's about them. It's quite a special LYRICS for KAT-TUN themselves and the fans.

And please don't say "I hate you" or something to a KAT-TUN fan when they commented a very bad thing.
Remember: The Vocaloid fans knew more about this matter at hand, and quite in an advantage in the overall situation. KAT-TUN fans, at the moment, are aggravated with this.

It would be better to tell the person what is actually wrong. Rather than throwing that said person with hate, dislike, and etc.

Too tired and too sleepy to do the html bold, italics, etc. that I did a while ago OTL

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Date: 2010-11-30 10:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] the_desserter
hi crimsy! it's me, your long lost friend from--

anyway, i like kat-tun too (though not exactly for their music), so i kind of know how u feel... though i don't actually belong to any communities for real except ofurotaimu and the twitter world, so i tend to be oblivious 8D;

"The one who should be blamed should be the ONE who plagiarized. No one else."
yeah o_O;

actually it was so amazingly similar that plagiarism is indeed very much possible, but, how to put it. it's still not actually a definite thing. u just can't conclude without knowing. ><

i do feel bad for AVTechNO! thoughhhhhh ><
i hope he feels better soon. :(

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Date: 2010-12-01 05:35 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] stephieku
Crimsy-senseiiii you're so wise ;A; I'm glad there's one of us who'll give an opinion about the KAT-TUN side. They're also victims of the composer..who made a very bad decision. I hope this will be resolved quickly and best as it can...even if I do have an AV-san bias, I hope the best for both sides..


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