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oh my goodness. I'm not going to edit this further. Not ANYMORE. My brain alskdawldkjwand.
Anyway, first REAL attempt on writing a er... "fairy tale" + ...r-ro...romance D:

Ignore the 2nd half of the story LOL [even though that's the important part |D]
I rushed doing this... kind of.

Sorry. orz


Once He Touches The Glass by crimsonfire3 )

That's the end!
Reactions? LOL

More information:
Lux means LIGHT in Latin
Miraria means MIRACLE in Basque

I tried "Heal" and "Touch" with other languages too, but I can't find a nice name pfffft

credit to my friend Les[er... lavy23 in twitter] for the title. Supposed to be titled "Shards" XDD
and the song: Ashita e Kaeru hi Made for the inspiration

Thanks for reading!


Dec. 4th, 2010 03:45 pm
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After struggles, stress, panics, etc.
I'm now pre-enrolled! 8D;

It's still the same as planned

TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY classes only 8D

Horray~! /(^o^)/

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It would be nice if both sides read this all.
These are all my comments to posts in the internet. This is me trying to lessen the damage to both sides. And opening up the mind of both fandoms.


Hello KAT-TUN fans.
I'm a fan of both Vocaloid and KAT-TUN, so I rather know what it feels to be stuck in the middle, be hurt by the other's words, and be mad with the other's words. XD;

I truly agree on what you say regarding the
"The intro is similar but it's not that similar."
Since, in KAT-TUN fan's point of view. The song will be quite coincidental in a sense because there are quite a number of songs who are similar with each other.
But what you are truly implying is about how "The intro is similar but it's not the same." The same, pointing to the whole song.
Narrowing down the problem, the MAIN problem here would be the INTRO.

In the Vocaloid fan's point of view, they're particularly in rage of the INTRO and NOT the whole song. As of now, you might've heard that it's quite similar, right?

this is a mashup version:
- right would be DYE, and left is NEVER x OVER. Headphone/earphone recommended.

But bad-mouthing the other fandom wouldn't help KAT-TUN's situation at this moment.
As of now, childish reaction of the Vocaloid fans would be hating KAT-TUN not the particular music producer who plagiarized this. I believe it would be much better for the KAT-TUN fans to stay quiet.
And why is that?
AVtechNO released his work last February 2010 and I believe KAT-TUN just released it this November. With all due respect, the fault is clearly pointing to KAT-TUN at this moment. KAT-TUN is in on a disadvantage in this one. Also, Vocaloid fans also knew about JE and all about it unlike KAT-TUN fans who might not know Vocaloid.
With this, they're in an advantage.

But people in the Vocaloid fandom at the moment are establishing a mind-opening discussion/blogpost/etc for both the reaction of both fandom. Meaning, Vocaloid fans are now finding their fault and currently trying to lessen the damage dealt to both sides.

Please do note that AVtechNO didn't file any plagiarism to this matter. The matter only flashed due to the reaction of the fans[may it be a Vocaloid fan who know KAT-TUN songs or a KAT-TUN fan who stumbled on the Vocaloid song] who find the similarity quite cunning.
I believe that even AVtechNO knew about the "similar but not the same" thing, since he haven't even complained like "KAT-TUN's composer copied my music!" Rather, he was only quite surprised with the similarity

And please do sympathize the producer AVtechNO. As of now, he's going on a hiatus due to stress. He deleted his works and other things just the other day. [NOTE: It is NOT because of the plagiarism news.] And caused quite an impact to the Vocaloid fans.

In a sense, it's quite the same how KAT-TUN fans are still sad for Akanishi's departure. ^_^ Both sides of the fandom have similarities too, so please respect each other.

Please do note that an indifferent reaction to this matter might make this situation worst.
1. This is not about who's version is better. At this point onward, the problem is WHO did it FIRST. The situation as of now isn't looking for a better version of the song but who did it first.
2. Given that this is quite unfair since most advantages is at the side of Vocaloid even though in a professional's point of view they would be in a disadvantage, I already told the Vocaloid side that their mentality is childish. They should not blame the singers but instead the one WHO PLAGIARIZED the intro.
NOTE: It is clearly NOT about the lyrics, but about the SONG. And especially, since the lyrics of this song is special to the fans too right?

well, I think I've covered almost all that I want to say.

P.S. regarding the "not real music." I just have one thing to say
since when is music NOT real?

Thank you very much for this. ;_;
I really appreciate your mind-opening comment ;w;
I'm a fan of both KAT-TUN and Vocaloid, so I'm quite stuck in the middle. And I also quite know what would be the reaction of both.

But I think, some comments here are quite unfair.

I'm sick of all the "KAT-TUN is at fault" "KAT-TUN obviously plagiarized it" and KAT-TUN this and KAT-TUN that.
But are they really?
It's not like they're the ones who arranged and whatnot to the song.

Excuse me if I'm going to hurt anybody for this.
But if ONE person did plagiarized AVtechNO's song, would the OTHERS[composers] know? It's not like everyone knows Vocaloid, unlike Vocaloid fans who MIGHT know things from others. It's obviously a disadvantage for the ones in KAT-TUN, right? ;;
Of course, these "others" who are not aware that it's plagiarized, would think that it's original and continue what they're doing. It's not COMPLETELY their fault.
The one who you should be blaming at should be the one who plagiarized AND NO ONE else.

I am srsly feeling sorry for the members who got dragged into this. Plus, they didn't know anything. :/

Once again, thank you annneonet for this comment ;w;

I'm sorry if I'll be opposing some of the things ;; This would be my reaction as a fan of both KAT-TUN and Vocaloid. Other things you've said that I haven't replied to means I agree to those and find it VERY WRONG too to the KAT-TUN's side of things.

1. Kat-tun is not at fault. Of course they aren't. They just sang the song they were told to sing. But that doesn't mean they can be let off singing a song that might not be rightfully theirs.
- But isn't it? It's not like they're aware that it's plagiarized in the first place. The one who should be blamed should be the ONE who plagiarized. No one else.

All in all, without biased and all[I think so], I agree to 2 to 6 XD; That's a very wrong and childish mentality for a KAT-TUN fan. In fact, I think the KAT-TUN side would be in a lot more trouble.


However, I would appreciate it if Vocaloid fans would not drag particularly the LYRICS of the song into the trouble.
Remember: We're talking about the beats and whatnot of the song. NOT the lyrics of the song.
It is from all the members of KAT-TUN and it's about them. It's quite a special LYRICS for KAT-TUN themselves and the fans.

And please don't say "I hate you" or something to a KAT-TUN fan when they commented a very bad thing.
Remember: The Vocaloid fans knew more about this matter at hand, and quite in an advantage in the overall situation. KAT-TUN fans, at the moment, are aggravated with this.

It would be better to tell the person what is actually wrong. Rather than throwing that said person with hate, dislike, and etc.

Too tired and too sleepy to do the html bold, italics, etc. that I did a while ago OTL
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Sharing the romaji of Kettan's 「けったろ」 rap lyrics in Fire◎Flower.

I was one of those people who was looking for it lol
So I think, some might be looking for it too 8D;
The rap was amazing so you have to rap with him! LOL *shot*

mugen ni hirogaru iku sen no hikari

kono yume nose icchokusen ni tobashi tai

konya ha taion joushou doushi you kono kimochi o

今 打ち上げたい花火のように  
ima uchiage tai hanabi no you ni

Fire◎Flower 君と一緒に生きたいなFly up 
Fire◎Flower kimi to issho ni iki tai na Fly up

この気持ち詰め込み 高く高く高くもっと高く   
kono kimochi tsumekomi takaku takaku takaku motto takaku

夜空に放とう let's go together now  
yozora ni houtou let's go together now

P.S. I'm not entirely sure if the romajiing is correct |D *shot*
P.P.S. Makes me wanna do Halyosy's rap in Just Be Friends too orz

けったろ 歌い手 歌ってみた FireFlower Fire Flower


Aug. 7th, 2010 11:07 am
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So far I don't want to post in LJ yet.
I feel so stressed when I see my LJ not updated for a month.
It's... semi-dead OTL


I want to have a PayPal account soon and do commissions.
I wanna buy albums ;_;


Went to The Arena, San Juan yesterday to watch the match of
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde VS Mapua Institute of Technology.
Mapua won and I'm not depressed LOL
My big brother graduated in Mapua after all LOL
The irony of the match LOLOL


Trying to self-study Nihonggo ._.


My whole body hurts. No more P.E. please DX


May. 22nd, 2010 07:51 am
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Crimsy wants a flip-flop one D:


I've been frantically looking for a KaitoxAkaito fanfic.
So far I've failed >_< only has 4


So instead I read those LightxL fanfics where L is in danger or dying, and Light is late or have failed on rescuing him.

Just to fill my KaitoxAkaito needs. D8


Short post is short. XD

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I'm so going to spam my dreamwidth. with memes XDD;

Stolen at Deviantart AHAHAHA *shot*

001. Real name? Secret don't wanna tell.
002. Nickname? Sel [yes, real nickname. happy? rofl]
003. Zodiac sign? Pisces
004. Male or female? Female
005. Elementary? I transferred a lot. lol. which elementary? XD
006. Middle School? NONE. Proud to say Philippines doesn't have one. XD;
007. High School? A school with a lot of scary nuns.
008. Hair color? Black or Blackish-Brown lol
009. Long or short? Middle LOL not too long not too short.
010. Loud or Quiet? Depends srsly. but most of the time quiet.
011. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans please XD;
012. Phone or Camera? CAMERA. *doesn't use her phone*
013. Health freak? I think I'm under-weight XD;
014. Drink or Smoke? None. never. lol
016. Eat or Drink? Drink. water or juice 8DDDDD orange juice please AHAHA
017. Piercings? on the ears rofl
018. Tattoos? None. wanna donate blood someday lol


019. Been in an airplane? Yep. When I was a little kid, I went to my province in Mindanao for a vacation lol
020. Been in a car accident? No.
021. Been in a fist fight? lol? XD;


022. First piercing? Ears
023. First best friend? I forgot... o_o
025. First award? Best in Math AHAHAHAHAHA *gotshot* no srsly XD;
026. First crush? I kept avoiding that question. lol. I really don't know rofl
028. First big vacation? LOL. at home? XD; I think the trip to Mindanao lol


029. Last person you talked to? my mother. she told me to eat or something? it's 12NN here lol
030. Last person you texted? my mother. lol
031. Last person you watched a movie with? Friends. forced me. gay movie called "I love Phillip Morris" DD8
032. Last food you ate? Hotdog and rice lols
033. Last movie you watched? I Love Phillip Morris
034. Last song you listened ? Magnet by Hiyama Kiyoteru and KAITO
035. Last thing you bought? er... when was the last time I went to mall or sari-sari store again? O:
036. Last person you hugged? can't remember rofl


038. Drinks? Orange juice 8DDDD
039. Clothing? Hood, shirt, jeans
040. Book? Keys to the Kingdom - Mr. Monday by Garth Nix
041. Music? jpop, vocaloid, opm
042. Flower? Hydrangea [it's beautiful even though there's none here at Phils lol]
043. Colours? Red, Blue, Purple, and Yellow [in order XD;]
044. Movies? None. don't like movies D:
045. Shoes? er... rubber shoes? O:


047. [ ] kissed in the snow [it doesn't snow here]
048. [ ] celebrated Halloween [no one really cares about Halloween here rofl]
049. [ ] had your heart broken [I'm still young rofl]
050. [ ] went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [ ] someone questioned your sexual orientation
052. [ ] came out of the closet
053. [ ] gotten pregnant
054. [ ] had an abortion
055. [ ] done something you've regretted
056. [X] broke a promise [a lot of my classmates/batchmates wanted me to draw for them. I think all of them wasn't able to get any drawing lol]
057. [ ] hid a secret
058. [X] pretended to be happy
059. [ ] met someone who changed your life
060. [ ] pretended to be sick
061. [ ] left the country
062. [X] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it [lol cooking? XD;]
063. [X] cried over the silliest thing [does watching Death Note movie 3 and cried at the ending silly? lol]
064. [ ] ran a mile [and went half-dead? lolololol]
065. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend
066. [X] stayed single the whole year [OHOHOHOHO~]


067. Eating? er... rofl
068. Drinking? water
069. I'm about to? chat with meh friend
070. Listening to? Your Highness, My Princess
071. Plans for today/tomorrow? Have the freaking x-ray, I think
072. Waiting for? lunch LOL


073. Want kids? No
074. Want to get married? No
075. Careers in mind? ANIMATOR XD; Want a freaking editor please 8DD or a designer in a popular magazine BUT ANIMATOR PLEASE. XDD; GONNA FIX THAT ANIMATION OF AGUA BENDITA.


076. Lips or eyes? Eyes ahahahaha XD;
077. Shorter or taller? depends if he's chubby or thin but taller XD;
078. Romantic or spontaneous? nosebleed english. like I care about boys lol
079. Nice stomach or nice arms? Arms. lol. ahahahaha.
080. Sensitive or loud? LOUD? I'm already sensitive. I don't need two sensitives at the same time rofl
081. Hookup or relationship? Relationship??? AHAHAHA don't want to be in one though~
082. Troublemaker or hesitant? .... I don't know lol


083. Lost glasses/contacts? YES. THRICE AHAHAHAHAHAHA. First was a pink one[I dislike it though, I'm glad it got lost], then next one was a dark blue one[THAT WAS PRETTY. WANT IT BACK TT__TT], then a silver one lol. My current glasses is lol silver again XD; don't wear my glasses that much though.
084. Ran away from home? No
085. Held a gun/knife for self defense? No
086. Killed somebody? No
087. Broken someone's heart? I dunno rofl
088. Been arrested? what? no way rofl
089. Cried when someone died? no


090. Yourself? how? please tell me how? rofl
091. Miracles? someway or another lols
092. Love at first sight? ha? ahahahahaha
093. Heaven? Yes. I'm a Christian
094. Santa Claus? lol no. I just knew about him when I was 10.
095. Sex on the first date? wth. no.
096. Kiss on the first date? I don't even have a boyfriend.


097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? lol. dunno.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? Probably.
099. Do you believe in God? Yes. I told you I'm a Christian.

lol my friend's spamming me with Arashi update. It's fine with me though LOL XD; even though I'm not that updated with NEWS and Kanjani8 again DD:


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